Grime Acapella Compilation: GRIME Voices


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The first grime acapella compilation. Download it for free, fire up your creativity, make some remixes, share them with the world. Have fun!

Established producers and DJs have access to acapellas that they use for remixes, dubplates or actual tunes. But what do you do when you don’t have the connections?

GRIME Voices is a high-quality collection of grime acapellas, curated by Antennaterra. Available for free download, the release is the first of its kind and features names such as Capo Lee, Darkos Strife, MIK, Vader and more.

There are a few grime acapellas available out there, however some of them you have to pay for, and the others have been already remixed countless times. Upcoming producers who just want to practice and play around with vocals shouldn’t have to spend hours on the internet looking for a decent one to use.

With over 40 grime acapellas to choose from, this release will hopefully keep your DAW busy in the near future. If you need more, check out these AJ Tracey acapellas.

Grime acapella tracklist – GRIME Voices:

Bang GK – Bad Breed ft. Luciferian
Genghis Kong – Self-Entitled
Rame – Nang
Rawza – Heard That
Eklipse – East Manna Man
Armzout – Battle Riddim
Armzout – Pull Up The Tune
Bliss – Hail Mary
Crafty – Do What (Do Where)
Darkos Strife – Play
Dubz D – Scatty
Dubz D – Tings
FamiliarFace – One Take Freestyle
Grim Sickers – Kane

Jakebob – Truss Me Jakebob ft. Pri D – The Answer
Jammz – Hit Then Run
Logan – One Man Army
Logan & JoSoSick – Flows
Luciferian – Butter
Luciferian – Ju Jitsu
Luciferian – Vertigo
Marl Manic – Time
Marsta Menzz – Six Figure
Marsta Menzz – The Carte Blanche Way
MIK – Deep Web
RAM – Stinking of Smoke
Rame – Napalm Flows

Razor – Act Like You Know
Riddla ft. NSB – Signature
Row D – 1 Of Dem
Row D – Here I Go
Row D – Scrolling Down
Row D & Lord Leng – Burn It
Setting Pace – We Are
Snoopa – 24 Hours Of Pain
Snoopa – Taking Out Eyeballs
Snoopa – Tell Them
Snowy – Durt
Vader – MCs
Vader – Still Got It
Wax – Powers

Massive thanks to everyone who has helped with this release: Armzout, Bang GK, Beanzo, Bliss, Crafty, Darkos Strife, Dubz D, Eklipse, FamiliarFace, Furbzee, Grim Sickers, Jakebob, Jammz, JoSoSick, LEVLZ, Logan, Luciferian, MIK, Marl Manic, Marsta Menzz, Priceless, RAM, Rame, Rawza, Razor, Riddla, Row D, Snoopa, Vader, Wax, friends and family.

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