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Online grime communities

Whether you want to keep up to date with new releases, talk to other grime fans or learn more about the genre, there’s a few active grime communities online in which you can get involved and start following. Built around the 140bpm sound, these corners of the internet are essential for keeping the genre alive and are the main places specifically focused on authentic grime music.


An online place to learn grime music production. Full of music production enthusiasts, r/grimeproduction was created with the purpose to nurture, promote and perpetuate the grime sound. A place where you can ask questions, share resources, find tutorials, get feedback and interact with other grime producers on the learning curve. Community founded and ran by Antennaterra.


The biggest, most active grime discussion forum you can find on the internet. Share and find everything grime: from fresh releases and historic music videos, to grime art and memes. Counting close to 50 thousand members and growing, it’s a great place to get immersed into the 140bpm genre and start conversations with other people passionate about it.

Discord server

If you prefer the more fast-paced conversation of a chat room, r/grime’s Discord server is the place to be. With the server’s demographic spanning across most timezones, there’s always someone to talk to no matter how late you go to sleep, and you can also go off topic!


One of the only online publications solely focused on grime deserves a mention. Active since 2009, OnceUponAGrime features interviews, premieres and new releases on a constant basis and is an important piece in grime’s architecture.


This is the place to find free releases. You can download mixtapes from both MCs and producers, most of them from years back, which means you’re tapping into a different stage of grime’s evolution. And you should check it as soon as possible, because the future of the website is uncertain.


Now defunct, this is a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing historic grime sets, tunes and radio rips. You don’t need to know every single bit of information about grime to be a fan of the genre (as some might make you feel), however, if you want to dig into the origins of the sound, this is a good place to start.

This list aims to be an introductory one and is by no means comprehensive of all available grime communities and websites. There are more out there to stumble upon, however do make sure that it is grime in fact that you are listening to, because some of the websites, news outlets and YouTube channels contain other related or derivative genres. Or they get them mixed up.