? Antenna (noun)

  1. a conductor by which electromagnetic waves are sent out or received, consisting commonly of a wire or set of wires; aerial.
  2. Zoology. one of the jointed, movable, sensory appendages occurring in pairs on the heads of insects and most other arthropods.

? terra (noun)

  1. land or territory.
  2. (in science fiction) the planet earth.

Antennas help us send and receive information. They are the middlemen of data exchange, at the centre of any network. Antennas are a metaphor for your ears and mouth, your speakers, your brain, our community, present everywhere on Terra and beyond. Music and antennas connect us all.

Be the antenna ??

In a world saturated with filler content and extrinsic motivators, Antennaterra will establish itself as the main pillar supporting grime music and culture, along with the artists behind it. Since 2014, Antennaterra has been making connections between a multitude of artists and art consumers around the globe who share a common passion for grime music, as well as sharing similar experiences with each other.