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Antennaterra has been curating and pushing authentic grime music since 2014 and is on a mission to help people start a career in the creative arts.

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Latest ATS

Standing for “Antennaterra Single”, ATS is a carefully curated collection of individual tracks, made by a diverse group of talented artists which Antennaterra believes in.

Latest ATM

ATM is Antennaterra’s mix series, showcasing grime DJs from all corners of the world. Broadcasted by Internet Public Radio worldwide from Guadalajara, Mexico the first Thursday of every month at 6pm (UK time).

Latest posts

  • Online grime communities
    Whether you want to keep up to date with new releases, talk to other grime fans or learn more about the genre, there’s a few active grime communities online in which you can get involved and start following. Built around the 140bpm sound, these corners of the internet are essential […]
  • Fresh start
    After 2 years of being down, Antennaterra’s website returns in better form and is here to stay this time (hopefully!). The old one had to go offline due to a lack of funds, taking down with it all of Antennaterra’s content which helped grime music-makers, such as articles and acapella […]